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Retaining Wall Installation Barrington

Retaining Wall Installation Barrington

The Newest Technique in Retaining Walls

As any experienced landscape contractor would surely tell you, retaining walls are not only built for design purposes, but they have very important roles in the landscape.

First, retaining walls prevent soil erosion. This is particularly true if some parts of your property are built over loose, uneven soil or slopes. An example would be a gazebo built on a gentle slope. Without a retaining wall constructed around it, the gazebo could be structurally compromised in the event of heavy rains or earthquakes. These walls ensure that such amenities are protected.

Another benefit of retaining walls is that they greatly enhance the beauty of your property. An example would be a paved walkway leading to a pool or a cabana with nicely done walls. Such add-ons easily capture the attention of guests and greatly improve the aesthetic appeal of any property.

Moreover, it can turn idle parts of any property into usable areas. Accordingly, you can allocate certain portions of your property for patios, plant boxes, gazebos, or outdoor kitchens.

segmented retaining walls

Advantages of Segmental Retaining Walls

These days, segmental retaining walls (SRW) are quickly becoming more and more popular among property owners for their wonderful benefits. For one, segmental blocks can be built fast, hence cutting down on labor costs. They are also known to effectively prevent caving, sliding, or slumping of slopes around properties. This enhances the safety of not only your hardscapes and softscapes, but more importantly, of your family and guests.

Moreover, the segmental type eliminates the need for concrete footing, which in turn will help save you time and money. Additionally, they also offer attractive and practical choices in terms of colors, sizes, and textures. This is perfect for clients who have discriminating tastes.

retaining wall installation

Getting the Best Retaining Wall Builder

With all these great benefits of retaining walls, it’s not that hard to fall for the idea of having them on your property. Hence, if you are looking for contractors to build or design this hardscape element in your home or landscape, then you should contact Eco Design Landscaping today.

Our company has more than 30 years of collective experience specializing in European landscaping. Although we are experts in using segmental blocks on our various projects, we can also work on other types such as gabion, dry stack wall, mortared stone, and the like. They serve different purposes and fit very particular soil and slope types.

Aside from our expertise in building various retaining wall types, we also know fully well the technicalities in building them, whether it is a low rise or high rise type. This is because Eco Design is a fully licensed, insured, and bonded landscaping corporation. We can fully guarantee that our retaining walls are built according to the industry’s best practices, courtesy of our highly skilled workers and artisans.

Our various designs, colors, and textures of retaining wall blocks can effortlessly complement any landscape design to give you a sense of pride and unmatched satisfaction that no other contractor in Barrington, Illinois can possibly give.

For inquiries on our retaining wall installation, just email or call us today.

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