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Pavers are certainly the popular choice for backyard patios as they provide an exquisite look to the area. As we know that the paver patios in Barrington come with a vast range of variety when it comes to designing, allowing you to be more creative with your residence.

We all know how important it is to make your residence look good, and these paver patios work like a charm when it comes to exquisiteness. You might be thinking about how you could get these paver patios installation in Barrington at your place. You don’t need to be concerned as we are here to provide the service of installing paver patios in Barrington

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Kelly Juffner

How we install the paver patios?: A complete guide

As you might know, the paver patios are made of brick, concrete, or stone, and they come in various shapes and colors, making it easier for you to choose the one you desire.

Let’s know more about what is the installation method of paver patios.

  • Layout and planning
    The very first step that a paved area requires is the measurements. Next, we measure the installation area with various techniques to create a perfect layout.
  • Calculate the number of pavers required
    Once the paved area is measured, and the layout is ready, we calculate the number of paver patios required. So, nothing goes wrong with making your garden or any outdoor place a beautiful look.
  • Cleaning the installation area
    After finishing calculating the number of paver patios required, we get to the job. The first thing necessary to do is to clean the installation area and remove any dust or grass that might be present.
  • Leveling the subsoil
    When we are done cleaning the installation area, we ensure to level the newly exposed dirt. It’s an essential thing to do before installing pavers as it makes the paver patios all leveled up.
paver patio installation in Barrington
  • Pouring the gravel and leveling the area
    We use a vibrating compactor or steel hand temper to level the area after pouring the gravel into the entire patio area.
  • Installation of bedding sand
    Once the entire patio area is all leveled up, we install the bedding sand, a base to the paver patios. Again, 1” of sand is required to set the pavers on.
  • Installation of pavers
    The paver patios are installed according to the layout which we created in the first place. Thus, we start to install the pavers accordingly.
  • Holding the edges in place
    We use PVC or metal edging around the patio area and begin holding the edging in place using spikes at least every 12” to confirm every installed paver stays in place.
  • Filling the joints
    Once the pavers are in their place, we start to fill the joints up with premium polymer sand, which is excellent for filling the paver patio gaps. We ensure the sand goes all the way down so that none of the holes are left in between the pavers.
  • Cleaning and sealing the patio
    After we are done with the installation of pavers, we use sealer formatted for pavers to protect and seal the pavers, making them weather-resistant.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire our services now and get the paver patio installation in Barrington done at your place at the most reasonable prices.

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